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Michigan Senior Women's Hockey LeagueAdult “Travel” Ice Hockey
– Michigan Senior Women’s Hockey League

I got my first chance to play competitive ice hockey at the ripe young age of forty and I’ve never looked back. It might sound impressive that I play on a “travel” team, but truth be told: we travel so we have other women’s teams to play, it’s as simple as that. I’ve been known to turn the men’s league teams into co-ed teams, too, because I’m on the roster. You might weigh ninety pounds more than me, but you’d be surprised what I can deliver on defense.

Full-Field Outdoor Soccer
– Great Lakes Women’s Soccer League

Great Lakes Women's Soccer LeagueYet another “traveling because we must” league, the positioning and strategy of hockey translates fairly well to soccer. I didn’t even try playing soccer until two years after first trying hockey. For someone who grew up being told she was too short and too athletically-challenged to run fast, I have proven the nay-sayers wrong.