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When Is An Unpaid Intern Not?

The US Dept of Labor (USDOL) recently scrapped the 2010-era six-factor rigid test, in favor of a seven-factor flexible test that two influential courts of appeal promulgated. Don't be fooled

SWOT Are You Waiting For?

"Those who fail to plan, are planning to fail." The Small Business Association of Michigan has a handy reminder of the fundamentals for not only starting your business, but for

Minimum Wage Increases for 2018

On Jan. 1, 2018, the minimum hourly wage for non-tipped employees in Michigan increases from $8.90 to $9.25 per hour. That's a thirty-five cent increase, folks. The minimum wage for

SHRM’s Sexual Harassment Pop-Quiz

For those of you who have employees and customers (yes, that means all of you), regardless of whether you have a separate HR department or if you're wearing all of

The Spam Filter Dog Ate Your E-Mail Notice

Just as pleading that the dog ate your homework, you won't get far with a judge by pleading that you never received an important legal notice because it must have

Say What?

No, you cannot force your employees to only speak in English. Sure, if they need to talk to customers, or if they need to convey important safety-related information between each

Dreamers, Nightmares, I-9 Forms, DACA and ICE

Like a good horror movie, complying with US immigration laws can seem like a nightmare. in The  Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 ("IRCA") requires every employer to verify the eligibility

Doesn’t Mean You Should

You probably remember being told this when you were in kindergarten -- just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Free speech is one of the most core principles of

National May Day – is it a strike, or a swing and a miss?

Perhaps you've heard that "May Day" 2017 is shaping up to be one of the most heavily participated labor events in recent memory. Before it happens, then, you need to

Local company “boo yeah” shout out

did you see the press about "Detroit’s Gas Station TV and Verifone Announce Joint Venture"? They are local here. You, too, can think big and grow big, you just need

Packing a Punch(tuation)

You've probably seen clever musings about the need for commas. "Let's eat, Grandma!" versus "let's eat Grandma" goes from joyful to dreadful, all for want of a lowly comma. In


Remember those updates to the overtime pay threshold that we were all wringing our hands about? (It's back here if you'd like to remember what you were supposed to remember).

It’s All About Perceptions

Generally speaking, if my boss decides that my job performance is unacceptable, I can be fired for poor performance. Pretty cut and dry. But what if my poor performance is

Being Both Wrong and Evil

Most of you know that employees are generally "at will", meaning you can hire/fire an employee at your discretion. Except, of course, you cannot fire someone "because" they were too

Not a Leg to Stand On

The law has a curious concept called "standing". Meaning, you stand for yourself. You can't stand for someone else. This comes to play in a lawsuit when you try to

Don’t Share a Toothbrush… or Your Login Credentials

Ew, ick, right? Sharing a toothbrush... Sharing login credentials should generate the same kind of "ew ick" response if you want to make sure you don't end up in federal

We’re From the Gov’t and We’re Here to Help (you comply with FMLA)

It's popular today to bash the big bad government bureaucracy. Whether or not you agree with the bashing, the US Dept of Labor has recently published this admittedly helpful "Employer's

Post “Independents” Day housekeeping

Last week was the Independence Day holiday.  We're talking independents here. As a small business, there is a temptation to want to call all of your workers "independent contractors" to avoid

Choose Your Poison

Quite often, your vendors' contracts will include a choice of law provision and a forum selection clause. For example: This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the

The Best Insurance is …

You have some real estate. It's mortgaged. The mortgage company requires you to carry insurance. So the insurance company should pay directly to your mortgage company, and not to you,

Those Who Can’t, Test

If your company has job postings that refer to needing to "be able to lift fifty pounds," keep reading. Michigan-based Gordon Foods has been cited for a second time for

Show Me the Money

The US Supreme Court just ruled in a bankruptcy case, where the defaulting debtor used a corporate shell game to try to avoid paying its debt. If you'd like to read

And the magic number is $47,476 per year

Go figure... I post on Monday that the US-DOL hadn't yet issued the overtime rule updates, and bam! out pops the rule on Tuesday. The magic threshold is $47,476 per

Living and Breathing the Statute of Frauds

You have probably never heard of the obscure legal phrase - "the Statute of Frauds". And that's good. Way back in the 1600's, folks finally decided that "he said, she

From Salaried, back to Hourly? New US-DOL Overtime rules

The US Dept of Labor's long-anticipated changes to the overtime pay threshold still haven't come out (could be anywhere from $47-50k, up from the current $23k). But, either way, you

Federal ‘Defend Trade Secret Act’ signed in to Law

Theft of trade secrets has been a federal crime since the 90's. In response to American companies' secrets being spirited away by departing employees and foreign-born economic spies, the federal

Supernatural and the NLRB

My daughter was indulging a t.v. marathon for the show "Supernatural". One particular episode involved some teens reciting Latin incantations and accidentally inviting demons to their basement. What does this have to do

Snail Mail or Fail Mail? FMLA Notices

Those of you who handle FMLA matters know that it can be a paper-intensive undertaking. You've probably grown accustomed to sending Notices of Eligibility, medical certification, and Designation Notices by US postal mail.

Insurance Check

In December 2013, a 21 year-old Michigan precedent was overturned. More "contractors" will now be considered "employees" of the host site's company, at least in those unfortunate situations if that person