Front and Center

Sometimes, the best legal advice is to not over-lawyer something.  But you won’t get a law firm that bills by the hour to tell you that, because those kinds of firms are in business for themselves, not their clients.  Citadel Legal Services is completely different.  It’s all about you and your company.  You are in business for the long run and not a sprint, and Citadel Legal is likewise committed to being your go-to trusted resource.

Enjoy the peace of mind of having a proven business-savvy lawyer on-call without having to worry about the taxi meter running every time you pick up the phone.

Citadel Legal Services has monthly and yearly fixed pricing plans that give you the ability to bounce things off your lawyer whenever you need to.

From employee handbooks, to customer agreements, collecting an overdue debt, or locking down your brand identity, Citadel Legal is part of your business team, getting the answers and finding solutions.

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