Doesn’t Mean You Should

You probably remember being told this when you were in kindergarten — just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Free speech is one of the most core principles of our country. Most folks don’t understand the nuance, however, that the First Amendment only deals with the government and its inability to censor your free speech. In the workplace? There is no such thing as the First Amendment.

You may have heard about the dust-up over a Google employee who wrote a diatribe about his employer’s diversity program? He ended up being fired. He has filed a lawsuit, but it’s doubtful that will help much except to prolong his time in the media spotlight. The law is pretty clear — all employees are “at will” meaning you can be fired for no reason at all. The law protects employees from being “wrongfully” fired for only a handful of protected reasons.

Having politically incorrect views is not a protected class. The special snowflake can rail against the other special snowflakes all he wants — but the law won’t give him his job back.

Think twice before you “can” … because quite often you shouldn’t.