From Salaried, back to Hourly? New US-DOL Overtime rules

The US Dept of Labor’s long-anticipated changes to the overtime pay threshold still haven’t come out (could be anywhere from $47-50k, up from the current $23k). But, either way, you probably have a sizeable handful of currently salaried employees who will go back to be handled as hourly paid. Which can seem like a kick in the ego to many.
But, if you’re being honest with yourself and your workers, especially those currently paid closer to $23k than $47k, perhaps this seismic change will give you both a chance to assess some work/life balance issues. If that random thought that pops in to your head at 11pm really demands a reply at 11:10pm, then be prepared to pay your worker for that response. Otherwise, go ahead and still send that email (so you don’t forget), but then go to bed and rest assured that it will be addressed in the morning when the work day begins.
The Society for Human Resource Management has a great article highlighting some ways to put a positive spin on this admittedly difficult topic.

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